I Don’t Remember Praying for Patience…

Wacky Wednesday!!!
I am sitting here wandering how I survived the day.  If I didn’t have little Emma, I would have gone back to bed and started all over again.  Let me paint the picture:
Emma gets up at 7:30 this morning which is a little later than usual so I was grateful for the little bit of extra sleep.  As usual, the 1st thing I do is change her diaper.
She never has a poopie diaper first thing in the morning so I never gave it a thought and I didn’t smell anything to give me a heads up.  So, I lay her on the couch and slide the diaper out from under her only to realize to my horror that indeed she did have a poopie diaper and now it is not only on her bare bottom but on my fairly new couch as well.  Of course, I’m not prepared and have to try to make an 18 month old understand that she needs to be still while I run and get the wipes. Emma gets a clean diaper and my couch gets a mini steam cleaning.  Crisis #1 resolved.  
Emma usually watches a Baby Einstein movie and then we play with her blocks and read a few books in the morning before she takes her nap.  While she was watching her movie, I was sitting on the couch with my knees propped up working a word puzzle and had my fresh cup of coffee propped up against my legs (big mistake).
I was really in to this puzzle so when the phone rang, I jumped thus causing my steaming cup of coffee to spill all over me.  Now remember the position I’m sitting in and you will realize that most of the coffee landed in not quite the most appropriate of places.  I jumped up and ran to get the hot wet clothes off of me and and observe the extent of my injuries.  My skin was bright red and the inside of my thighs had bright red splotches.  All I could think of is that if this blisters, how embarrasing will that be?  Let me not fail to mention that since I was sitting on the couch, it too aborbed some fresh morning cofee.  I put on a fresh pair of clothes until I could get my shower and the couch received mini steam cleaning #2.  Crisis #2 resolved.  
Finally, I put Emma down for her morning nap at 10:30 and settled in to watch a game of Crosswords only to discover that all the channels were a blank screen.  So I had to call the cable company and have them reset the box.  By the time I spent 15 minutes on hold and got the problem resolved I didn’t have time to sit and enjoy a TV show as I needed to make sure I got my shower while Emma was sleeping.  Turned out she slept 3 hours which is highly unusual so I could have enjoyed a little TV time after all.  But, at least the cable TV is now working.  Crisis #3 resolved.  
I needed to get to the bank by 3pm to make a deposit and then I wanted to go to Borders Books to get a new movie and book for Emma.  Since she slept until almost 2pm, I didn’t have alot of time but didn’t want to leave without feeding her lunch so I make lunch and sit down to feed her and, to my dismay, she wanted no part of it and tossed the spoon and bowl on the floor splattering the food.  So, I could have skipped it afterall and now the floor has gotten a partial cleaning and the bottom cabinets got cleaned too.  I quickly get Emma dressed and off we go barely making the deadline for the deposit.  At least, it wasn’t another poopie diaper.  Crisis #4 resolved.  
Finally we make it to to the mall and go to Borders.  I pick out a new video for Emma and she picks out this really cool book with lots of sparkly pictures and little flaps that you lift to see what is under them.  So we are headed back home and I hear the sound of paper tearing.  I look back to find my daughter tearing the flaps off of every page that has one.  All I can think is that I just bought this book and she is tearing it up but to her it was great fun, so what could I do?  In my moment of distraction, I passed by the gas station but resolved that as soon as I got to my exit, I would get some there.  A little while later Emma is upset because she dropped her juice bottle, so in the process of trying to keep my eyes on the road and trying to reach her bottle, I missed my exit.  I couldn’t remember if there was another exit before getting to the Canadian border or not so I was beginning to panic.  The exits are not close together as there is mostly farmland once you are not in town anymore. My gas gauge is now in the red zone and I am hoping and praying there is an exit coming up soon…well there was but it was literally 10 miles down the interstate.  Thank God there was a gas station as soon as you exited or Crisis #5 would have led to Crisis #6 which would have been me having a nervous breakdown out of gas in the middle of nowhere with my cell phone at home charging because the battery was dead.  So I get gas and head back towards home. I made it to my exit and when I came to the 1st stoplight I must have been in the ozone by then because I got in the left turn lane which takes you on the base (Fort Drum army base).  So I had to go to the gate and explain that I was on another planet and needed to turn around.  Crisis #5, #6 and #7 resolved.    
We FINALLY make it home and I put Emma in her little chair and put a movie in for her while I brought things in from the car.  One minute later when I came back in, Emma is nowhere in sight and as I step into the back foyer I am wandering where all this dirt I am stepping on came from.  I soon find my answer when I see Little Miss holding my favorite plant as she has decided that it needs a little rearranging.  I do my best to put my plant back together and now the wood floor gets a mini cleaning as well.  Crisis #8 resolved but by now I am exasperated.  
Well since Emma had been playing in the dirt I put her in the tub for a bath.  Then I thought to save time tonight, I’ll attempt to feed her dinner while she is in the tub.
Again, she wanted no part of eating.  So now I’m upset that she didn’t eat her lunch and now she doesn’t want her dinner.  I sit down by the side of the tub to let her do her usual playing for a little while before washing her hair and cleaning her up.  Well, little Miss decides she wants to see how hard she can splash the water and within a minute, the walls, the floor and me are drenched.  So, I pulled the plug on the drain after bathing her and decide it is time for a bottle of milk and bed as Mommy is now at her wits end.  So, I dry her off and while I am getting her pj’s out of the drawer, I forgot that I left the bowl of unwanted food on the bathroom rug  when I was trying to shield myself from the waves of water coming my direction.  Of course, I immedialy make a run for it but Emma has beat me to it and is now playing in the food which is now all over her and the rug I had just washed the day before.  So…you guessed it…Emma gets bath #2 and Mommy is almost in tears saying "I can’t believe this is happening".  I finally get her out of the tub for the 2nd time, dry her off and dress her and let her sit in the cair with me for a little while and read a book before going to bed as this is our usual routine.  Well, she wanted no part of that but rather wanted to get down and play and on and on it went.  Finally at 7:30 I gave her a little bit of juice to appease her and laid her in her crib, told her I loved her and gave her a big kiss and she finally drifited off into blissful sleep.
Crisis #8, #9 and #10 resolved.  
I have had no lunch or dinner and don’t know if I have the energy to even bother so I think I am going to crash on the couch with a bowl of cereal and watch a TV show and lets hope the bowel doesn’t end up on my lap causing me to give the couch the third cleaning of the day.  
Days like this make you ask the question, "Tell me again… where are the joys of motherhood".  Would I change anything about my sweet little Emma?  Of course not as none of this was her fault, just one of those days where I think God was testing my patience as that is not one of my best virtues.  Would I like another lesson in patience anytime soon?  Not on your life!  Although I am not always the most patient person, I do find that I have a world of patience when it comes to Emma but I can do without the coffee burns, taking the long way home and a soaking from a tidal wave of splashing water. 
Hope everyone had a great day and remember what I always say, it could always be worse!  I will laugh at this one day when I read it as an entry in Emma’s baby book and by then I will be wishing she was a baby once again…poopie diapers and all.  

13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Al's
    Jul 23, 2008 @ 23:02:28

    What a swell mom you are.


  2. Joe
    Jul 23, 2008 @ 23:20:05

    I\’m thinking to myself you\’re doing a fine job!  I\’ve got three kids and I homeschool and that\’s with a two year old thrown into the mix making everything interesting.  It\’s a little….okay a lot like juggling.  Joy seems like a relative thing sometimes…like you said it\’s often one of those days that you\’ll look back on and laaaaaugh!


  3. Lizzie-Beth4Him
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 00:25:11

    That certainly was a day… and I like that you are keeping a written journal.  I didn\’t have girls but I really like Emma for a girl\’s name and she is a cutie from the pictures I have seen. 


  4. Theresa
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 00:48:03

    Thanks for the trip back in time. I forgot what it was like to have one that young – now I remember! 🙂
    You did a great job.
    One day , when she is a Mother, you can whip this post out and show her.  You\’ll have a good laugh and you both will share in the joy of motherhood.


  5. Sheila
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 00:51:04

    I\’m sorry, but I was laughing as I read your blog. But I don\’t have kids, so please forgive me. I\’m glad you made it through the day. I probably would\’ve gone completely crazy. I hope tomorrow is a better day.


  6. Jill
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 01:10:17

    All I can say is… 🙂
    and hang in there!  Tomorrow, a new day!  God\’s mercies new every morning… oh yes, and sometimes, cereal is a very good \’dinner\’… sigh.


  7. Greg
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 01:27:40

    Nothing like a good ole\’ fashion bowl of cereal to quench ones appetite!  Lord knows I have had three of them today!  LOL !  Patience….did someone say "Patience".  I think mine and my wife\’s is being tested and overworked here in the past several days….wanna come and join our party?  LOL !  Hopefully, all will get better for us and you as well!  Just keep plugging away and know that we are praying for you!  Do you want us to pray for more "Patience"
    Have a wonderful and blessed evening my friend!


  8. H
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 02:06:22

    Hiya Rhonda … omg sorry but I have had so so many visuals reading your post … and cheekily thinking to myself … I wonder if hubby asked what did you do all day … I so agree with you tho .. I wouldn\’t change a minute either. Take care, love H xo


  9. nita
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 04:21:03

    wow, ouch, and I had visuals too, kept seeing my sweet little grandaughter, she was 2 in april, the diaper one in particular we have had a couple of episodes of when she has stayed overnight – often with my daughters and their children I get the yes done that been there got the t-shirt (or they get it I should say) but they do grow up all too quick, so make the most of every moment, know you do, but oh do you need patience sometimes – god bless – nita.


  10. wees
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 05:30:59

    Jig – what a day!  I rally can\’t help laughing as I have I quite day with the boy\’s at school, me being onde domesticated lady today – even baked a milktart – but these are the memories that will always stay in your heart and one day you and Emma will share these moments .  On every child of mine I made a book with notes and funny stuff they did and still do!  and the other day I was reading through the three books and it brings back memories that can only make you smile!! Enjoy little Emma, she will forever be gratefull to you for being such a caring mother !
    Hugs Caroline


  11. Beth
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 08:34:23

    When you said it could be worse I thought of my nephew who was born with cerebral palsy.  He can\’t speak but from the time he was a little boy those were among the first words he said through his electronic communicator.  Today he is a successful lawyer in West Virginia.  Who knows what great heights your sweet Emma might achieve as her day is yet to come.  With you as her loving mother guiding her all things are possible.


  12. Greg
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 08:58:11

    Good morning Rhonda,
    You took me back in time when my Emma was little.
    Sometimes I still see that little girl in my Emma who is home this summer from college.
    Yep…When in doubt on what to eat??? Cereal to the rescue.
    Do you have a Lucky Charms????
    Here\’s to a terrific Thursday…Greg


  13. Sherry
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 10:03:30

    Boy what a day!!! I sure took me back many years. That is the best way to look at it though, that it could be worse.
    Hoep today goes much smoother for you.


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