Follow-up to Wednesday’s Blog (Part 2)

For those of you who read my blog yesterday called "I don’t remember praying for patience", H left a comment saying she could imagine my husband coming home and asking me what I did all day.  Well, guess what??? He did!!!  He had to attend an OSHA seminar after work yesterday so he didn’t come strolling in until 10pm after I had resolved the endless little "adventures" of the day.  By the time he got home all was quiet and Emma was fast asleep and I had just posted my blog.  And then it happened, the words came out of his mouth and I had to sit on my hands to refrain from strangling him. 
I said, if you really want to know, read my blog, which of course, he didn’t because he just wanted to take a shower and go to bed.  All I can say is if he would have asked me this in the kitchen and there would have been a frying pan on the stove, it would have taken all the restraint I could possibly muster to stop me from grabbing it.
Okay, I would never hit my husband over the head with a frying pan, but maybe a beating with a wooden spoon would have satisfied me.
I just took a deep breath and said never mind because had he endured the day I did, there is no way he would have been able to handle it as well as I did even though he thinks he could.  I hate to rain on his ego parade, but there is NO WAY…he would have been down the street at his mothers begging for help!
Today was much better.  Grandma called at 2pm and asked if she could keep Emma for the afternoon which I gracefully obliged.  A little peace and quiet goes a long way but I was glad to see her when she got back; I always miss her terribly when she is not with me, even on days like yesterday. 
Thanks for all of your comments and when I went back today and read it, I even had to laugh myself so don’t feel bad for finding my little story amusing!

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Al's
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 22:03:49

    When the boys were little (back in the day when I was in the desert with Moses) I used to love to send the wife off for a day of shopping or whatever, so I could have the boys all to myself.  That\’s probably where they got ALL their bad habits, LOL!


  2. Beth
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 22:05:00

    The good days far outweigh the bad days when you are raising children.  I am glad this day was calmer than yesterday.  😉


  3. Theresa
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 22:49:39

    Glad you got a little break today. Thank God for Grandmas!


  4. Greg
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 23:26:42

    Just glad to hear that it all got better for you today!  Our son is out of the hospital and now back on base to begin to realize his actions and possible punishment!  Of course his commander suggested I try to make contact with him and it went straight to his voice mail then his mother called him and when she said "Hello" he hung up….guess that tells us all we pretty much need to know now! 
    Your storms have seemed to calm for you and ours seem to keep growing….oh well!  we will make it through with the Lord on our side and I have no doubt you already have !
    Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!


  5. Sue
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 23:27:23

    My hubby learnt what i did all day when i when to hospital and left him to look after our  six month old daughter, i think he phone on the hour every hour for four days lol so much for  mum having it easy.Take careSue


  6. H
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 23:54:43

    Hiya Rhonda … omg too funny! I guess its why men are from Venus and women are from Mars lololol. Glad today was heaps calmer for you. Take care, love H xo


  7. Sheila
    Jul 25, 2008 @ 00:03:26

    I\’m glad you didn\’t smack hubby and you had a better day today.


  8. Joe
    Jul 25, 2008 @ 02:19:38

    Now you can add restraint to the long list of things you did the other day…an impressive list might I add?


  9. Barbara
    Jul 25, 2008 @ 13:10:58

    Oh Rhonda, you make me chuckle!!!! LOL, I think we all have  the terrible bubbles above our heads on some days the Take care of yourself. Remember it goes so fast and one day emma will be grown!!!!


  10. Lizzie-Beth4Him
    Jul 25, 2008 @ 16:25:57

    I liked the idea of having him read it…but when things are calm and no longer stressed.  Like after a good meal…and when Emma is asleep…and you have taken the time to listened to his day….heaping coals of fire on his head with kindness.  😉


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