Hope all of you have a Spooky Halloween…Happy Haunting!

Did You Know?


As you walk  up the steps to the building which houses the U.S Supreme Court 
you can see near the top of the building a row of the world’s  law givers and each one is
facing one in the middle who is facing  forward with a full frontal view … it is Moses and he
is  holding the Ten Commandments!


As  you enter the Supreme Court courtroom, two huge oak doors  have the Ten Commandments
Engraved on each lower portion of each  door.

As  you sit inside the courtroom, you can see The wall, right above  where the Supreme Court
judges sit, a display of the Ten  Commandments!

There  are Bible verses etched in stone all over the Federal  Buildings and  Monuments in
Washington ,  D.C.


James  Madison, the fourth president, known as ‘The Father of Our  Constitution’ made the
following  statement:


  "We have staked the whole of all our  political
institutions upon the capacity of mankind for 
self-government, upon the capacity of each and
all of us to  govern ourselves, to control
ourselves, to sustain ourselves  according to
the Ten Commandments of  God."

Every  session of Congress begins with a prayer by a paid preacher, whose  salary has been paid
by the taxpayer since  1777.

Fifty-two  of the 55 founders of the Constitution were members of the  established
orthodox churches in the colonies.

Thomas  Jefferson worried that the Courts would overstep their authority  and instead of
interpreting the law would begin making law an  oligarchy…
the  rule of few over many.

How  then, have we gotten to the point that everything we have done for  220 years in this
country is now suddenly wrong and  unconstitutional?

Lets put  it around the world and let the world see and remember what this  great country was built on


It  is said that 86% of Americans believe in God.
Therefore, it is very  hard to understand why there is such a mess about having the Ten 
Commandments on display or ‘In God We Trust’ on our money and  having God in the Pledge of Allegiance.

So why don’t we tell the other 14% to just sit down and shut up!

Andy Rooney

The Morning After


I was awoken this morning at 6am by the sound of snowplows and snow blowers; that could only mean one thing…MORE SNOW!

I stumbled to the kitchen to make coffee so I could come to my senses and took a peek outside.  In my foggy brain, I thought…WOW, we just skipped the month of November and went straight to December….AND…it is STILL SNOWING!

After that 1st glorious cup of coffee, I opened a few windows long enough to take a few pictures as I didn’t think the neighbors would enjoy seeing me outside in my pj’s and snow boots trying to snap pictures of the house  Some of the tress were are so heavy with snow, that the branches are touching the ground.  Please excuse the white spots on the photos; they are SNOWFLAKES!





Looks like the perfect morning to snuggle up with Emma and her favorite blankie and have a nice hot cup of hot chocolate!  

Have a great day everyone!

Snow in October


Seems like Fall has changed to Winter here in the North Country.  It started snowing about 11:30 this morning, then sleet an ice for a few hours, then back to snow again.  It hasn’t stopped yet so don’t know how much we will end up with but it is beautiful, though unexpected.  

I took some photos of Emma outside when it first started snowing, before we accumulated 5 more inches.  This was her first time to really get out and be able to run around in it.  She really had fun and didn’t want to come back in but her poor little cheeks were so rosy red, I had to bring her in and warm her up.





Well, we shall see how much we end up with before it is all over…they are saying maybe 7 inches…not bad for the

1st snowfall of the season…I love winter!


Run Emma Run!

Hearts and Minds: Strength


There is no strength without unity.
       – Irish Proverb

A chain is as strong as its weakest link.
       – Danish Proverb

A strong person and a waterfall always channel their own path.
– Anonymous

The crocodile is only strong in the water.
       – Angolan Proverb

A gentle breeze blowing in the right direction is better than a pair of strong oars.
       – Canary Island Proverb

What is strength without a double share of wisdom?
       – John Milton, seventeenth-century English poet

Only when all contribute their firewood can they build up a strong fire.
       – Chinese Proverb

The strongest among the weak is the one who doesn’t forget his weaknesses.
       – Danish Proverb

The strength of the heart comes from the soundness of the faith.
       – Saudi Arabian Proverb



Hello all my wonderful friends!!!


I finally received my new laptop and have spent the last several days getting everything set up.

I have tried to comment on your blogs as I could, but know that I missed many of them.  It would be next to impossible for me to go back and try to get caught up at this point, so I’m going to start fresh…I’m just glad to be back and able to catch up with all you again.



Thank you all for being so understanding in my inability to get to you all…I HAVE MISSED MY FRIENDS…but I’m back to the blogging world again!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be seeing you around and visiting your spaces to see what’s new with everyone!

Farewell to Fall Colors


Today was a beautiful cool crisp day with a high of 45 degrees.  I wanted to walk the trail one last time before the weather turns too cold to see if there were any fall colors left.  Although the leaves are falling off the trees now, there were still a few hanging on to their fall coats.  Although the predominate color of the season is yellow and gold, there were a few reds and oranges to be found as well.




The simple sounds of nature are an extreme comfort to me and brings peace to my otherwise hectic life.  As I stopped to sit on a rock, I was surrounded by the birds singing, the chipmunks scampering through the brush and even received a visit from two woodpeckers who were pecking away at a tree across from where I was sitting.

Heading back, I stopped to take one last look at the river that will soon be covered with a coating of ice.  There were two beautiful golden trees to greet me by the river bank sparkling in the fading sunlight.




Farewell fall colors…soon your branches will be bare and covered with snow,

filling the woods with another season of nature’s beauty.

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