The Presence of Trees


The Presence of Trees

by Michael S. Glaser

I have always felt the living presence
of trees

the forest that calls to me as deeply
as I breathe,

as though the woods were marrow of my bone
as though

I myself were tree, a breathing, reaching
arc of the larger canopy

beside a brook bubbling to foam
like the one

deep in these woods,
that calls

that whispers home

Wishing you a day filled with beauty and wonder!


Seven Reasons Not to Mess with Children!

A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales.
The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.

The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.

Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible.

The little girl said, ‘When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah’.

The teacher asked, ‘What if Jonah went to hell?’
The little girl replied, ‘Then you ask him’.

A Kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they were drawing. She would occasionally walk around to see each child’s work.
As she got to one little girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was.

The girl replied, ‘I’m drawing God.’

The teacher paused and said, ‘But no one knows what God looks like.’

Without missing a beat, or looking up from her drawing, the girl replied, ‘They will in a minute.’

A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds.  After explaining the commandment to ‘honor’ thy Father and thy Mother, she asked, ‘Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?’
Without missing a beat one little boy (the oldest of a family) answered, ‘Thou shall not kill.’

One day a little girl was sitting and watching her mother do the dishes at the kitchen sink. She suddenly noticed that her mother had several strands of white hair sticking out in contrast on her brunette head.
She looked at her mother and inquisitively asked, ‘Why are some of your hairs white, Mom?’

Her mother replied, ‘Well, every time that you do something wrong and make me cry or unhappy, one of my hairs turns white.’

The little girl thought about this revelation for a while and then said, ‘Momma, how come ALL of grandma’s hairs are white?"

The children had all been photographed, and the teacher was trying to persuade them each to buy a copy of the group picture.
‘Just think how nice it will be to look at it when you are all grown up and say, ‘There’s Jennifer, she’s a lawyer,’ or ‘That’s Michael, He’s a doctor.’

A small voice at the back of the room rang out, ‘And there’s the teacher, she’s dead.’!

A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulation of the blood. Trying to make the matter clearer, she said, ‘Now, class, if I stood on my head, the blood, as you know, would run into it , and I would turn red in the face.’
‘Yes,’ the class said.

‘Then why is it that while I am standing upright in the ordinary position, the blood doesn’t run into my feet?’

A little fellow shouted, "Cause your feet ain’t empty."

The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note, and posted on the apple tray: ‘Take only ONE God is watching.’
Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies.

A child had written a note, ‘Take all you want. God is watching the apples.’

Have a blessed day everyone!

Bless God’s Creatures


Sometimes, the smallest discoveries bring the greatest pleasures: 

Last evening, we noticed a Robin that was flying back and forth to our little Red Maple tree that I had planted for Emma when we first moved here.  The tree has grown with Emma and will always be a reminder of her childhood when her time comes to “leave the nest”.

Speaking of nests, my husband decided to see why the Robin was so interested in our little tree and discovered her nesting on top of her newly hatched babies. 

She was so protective of them that she withstood us climbing up on a ladder to take a closer look.  It was very touching to see her spread out over the entire nest protecting her young.  We did not zoom in to take this photo which showed that even though I’m sure we were making her nervous, she refused to fly away and leave her babies.

Soon after we had come inside, she flew off to gather food for her little ones so my husband quickly snapped a few photos of her precious new arrivals.  They can’t be more than a few days old as they barely have any fuzz on them yet. 

How amazing to see these tiny newborns and God’s creatures living out the cycle of life.  We will continue to monitor them as Mommy Robin will be very busy keeping these little ones fed.  We will take a picture each week to keep track of their progress as they grow.  What a blessing this was for us and a real treat to know she chose Emma’s tree to raise her young!


Wishing you blessings and joy today and always! 

Advice from Snopes


 Advice From Snopes

By now, I suspect everyone is familiar with and/or for determining whether information received via email is just that:  true/false or fact/fiction. Both are excellent sites. Below is their advice for us.
Advice from Snopes.Com  

1) Any time you see an E-Mail that says forward this on to ’10’ of your friends, sign this petition, or you’ll get bad luck, good luck, or whatever, it almost always has an E-Mail tracker program attached that tracks the cookies and E-Mails of those folks you forward to.
The host sender is getting a copy each time it gets forwarded and then is able to get lists of ‘active‘ E-Mails addresses to use in SPAM E-Mails, or sell to other spammers.

2) Almost all E-Mails that ask you to add your name and forward on to others are similar to that mass letter years ago that asked people to send business cards to the little kid in Florida who wanted to break the Guinness Book of Records for the most cards. 
All it was, and all any of this type of E-Mail is, a way to get names and ‘ cookie‘ tracking information for telemarketers and spammers – – to validate active E-Mail accounts for their own profitable purposes.

You can do your friends and family members a GREAT favor by sending this information to them; you will be providing a service to your friends, and will be rewarded by not getting thousands of spam E-Mails in the future!

If you have been sending out (FORWARDING) the above kinds of E-Mail, now you know why you get so much SPAM!

Do yourself a favor and STOP adding your name(S) to those types of listings regardless how inviting they might sound!

You may think you are supporting a GREAT cause, but you are NOT in the long run. Instead, you will be getting tons of junk mail later! Plus, we are helping the spammers get rich! Let’s stop making it easy for them!

Also: E-Mail petitions are NOT acceptable to Congress or any other organization
To be acceptable, petitions must have a signed signature and full address of the person signing the petition.

Have a great day everyone!

Feeling Yuk

 Hello Dear Friends!

Just wanted to write a short note and apologize for my lack of commenting on your blogs.

I have not felt very well for the past week and not spent very much time on spaces.

I suspect the stress of everything has caught up to me as I am extremely weak and tired,

nauseated, have a nagging headache and several other symptoms.

Stress and anxiety would explain most of what I’m feeling, but then I panic and start

thinking I’m having a heart attack or something and it just makes it all worse.

I know that long term stress and anxiety can cause crippling physical problems and panic disorders,

not to mention that half the time I think I’m going crazy.  Many of you know that I have been

under extreme stress for 6 months now with the custody battle of little Emma.

Now that I’ve attempted without success to diagnose myself, please keep my in your prayers.

I’m finding it extremely difficult to take care of Emma while feeling so physically and emotionally drained.

I have an appointment for a physical on the 30th of this month so hopefully they will run some test

that will ease my mind and assure me that I haven’t lost it (my mind that is).

I do enjoy visiting your guest books but I know I have not been diligent in commenting on your blogs.

As soon as I’m feeling better, I will get caught up with everyone! 


Love and Hugs,


In Memory of my Father



Helen Steiner Rice

Fathers are wonderful people
Too little understood,
And we do not sing their praises
As often as we should…

For, somehow, Father seems to be
The man who pays the bills,
While Mother binds up little hurts
And nurses all our ills…

And Father struggles daily
To live up to "HIS IMAGE"
As protector and provider
And "hero or the scrimmage"…

And perhaps that is the reason
We sometimes get the notion,
That Fathers are not subject
To the thing we call emotion,

But if you look inside Dad’s heart,
Where no one else can see
You’ll find he’s sentimental
And as "soft" as he can be…

But he’s so busy every day
In the grueling race of life,
He leaves the sentimental stuff
To his partner and his wife…

But Fathers are just WONDERFUL
In a million different ways,
And they merit loving compliments
And accolade of praise,

For the only reason Dad aspires
To fortune and success
Is to make the family proud of him
And to bring them happiness…

He’s a guardian and a guide,
Someone that we can count on


Happy Fathers Day with Love!

Very Tall Trees

Very Tall Trees

by Laura J. Bobrow

One day I stood under a very tall tree.
The leaves were so high I could hardly see them, and I’m certain the
     leaves couldn’t see me.
"Well," I thought, "I’d like to be higher."
So I went and got the wheelbarrow, a rickety old box,
     and a rubber tire.
It took a lot of thinking to get them arranged just right,
And they almost reached to the very first branch … but not quite.
So then I got a telephone book, the watering can and a chair.
And when they were all together, I said to myself, "There."
I said to myself, with one foot in the barrow,
"I’ll just climb up this tree and go visit a sparrow."
There’s no trick to balancing on a rickety old box
If you know how to rick when the rickety box rocks.
If Mother could see me, I thought, on this tire,
"Why, where in the world are you going?" she’d inquire.
And I practiced my very most I-Don’t-Care look
As I stood on one hand on the telephone book.
But then, when I got to the watering can,
It wasn’t as easy as when I began.
I had one foot on the handle, and one on the spout,
And I wasn’t afraid. I was looking about.
I waved to the birds. I breathed some air,
And I could have made it up on to the chair,
When along came the breeze,
Which tickled my knees,
And I started to sneeze,
And kerplunk! I fell down as nice as you please.

Which is what is the matter with very tall trees.

Have a beautiful day!

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