The man whispered, "God, speak to me" and a meadowlark sang.

But, the man did not hear.

So the man yelled, "God, speak to me" and the thunder rolled across the sky.

But, the man did not listen.


The man looked around and said, "God let me see you." And a star shined brightly.

But the man did not see.

And, the man shouted, "God show me a miracle." And, a life was born.

But, the man did not notice.

So, the man cried out in despair, "Touch me God, and let me know you are here."

Whereupon, God reached down and touched the man. But, the man brushed the butterfly away

and walked on.

I found this to be a great reminder that God is always around us in the little and simple things that we take for granted … even in our electronic age.

So I would like to add one more:

The man cried, "God, I need your help!" And an e-mail arrived reaching out with good news and encouragement.

But, the man deleted it and continued crying .

Don’t miss out on a blessing because it isn’t packaged the way that you expect.

My instructions were to send this to people that I wanted God to bless and I picked you. Won’t you please pass this to people you want to be blessed.

Have A Happy Day!

Thank you Shari for passing this along to me!


16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa ♥
    Jun 09, 2009 @ 19:39:09

    This is so Beautiful Rhonda. I m reminded of the Beauty of Gods work every time I see a butterfly and when one did land on me this Spring I knew it. Thank you for the Gift in my Guestbook. Your a Blessing Hugs


  2. Amy
    Jun 09, 2009 @ 20:29:28

    So true…so true!


  3. Beth
    Jun 09, 2009 @ 21:33:16

    Very beautiful words.


  4. Jun 09, 2009 @ 22:32:58

    Thank you Rhonda for the blessing of passing this along! Wise words! Hope you\’re having an enjoyable week. Love and Care! Kerrie xXx


  5. Dianne
    Jun 09, 2009 @ 22:40:14

    This is a wonderful post Rhonda and oh so true. God speaks to us in so many ways and shows us miracles every day. I just wanted to stop in and say hello and let you know, that you and Emma are in my thoughts and prayers. I am heading to bed in a few moments as I am really tired.Sleep well and give Emma a big hug for me. Hugs Dianne 🙂


  6. Kuskulana
    Jun 09, 2009 @ 23:29:53

    I agree just open your eyes, that\’s all it takes.Hugs from Alaska


  7. Sue
    Jun 09, 2009 @ 23:33:24

    Wonderful blog rhondaTake careSue


  8. Touch
    Jun 09, 2009 @ 23:39:15

    He\’s always been there for me, even when I doubted and cursed him. I find that as I\’m getting older I feel his touch all the time. See what getting your AARP card will do to you?Our love to you and Emma


  9. Happy
    Jun 10, 2009 @ 01:51:29

    This is such a great reminder that God is here always and now in every molecule of such amazing Universe. This was good soul food for me tonight. Thank-you.


  10. nita
    Jun 10, 2009 @ 06:05:30

    this is very good, I will certainly pass it on via my blog, thanks rhonda, – nita.


  11. catamaran
    Jun 10, 2009 @ 11:00:13

    Wise words Rhonda,thanks for sharing!


  12. Why
    Jun 10, 2009 @ 11:59:07

    This is so beautiful…thank you for sharing it with us Rhonda…Hugs Valerie x0x


    Jun 10, 2009 @ 22:58:47



  14. Mei's
    Jun 11, 2009 @ 11:49:07

    Just popped in to wish you all well, take care. Mei


  15. Jun 11, 2009 @ 21:32:07

    Morning Rhonda, Many thanks for the lovely Guestbook entry. I appreciated the words dearly. xXx Kerrie


  16. Here I Am
    Jun 14, 2009 @ 20:49:15

    Rhonda this is so beautiful. It hits all the points. Its there right in front of all of us. You just have to realize where it came from. Thanks for sharing with us.


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