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I have spent weeks trying to make a new banner for my space and I just can’t figure it out…UGHHHHHH!!!!!!
The one I have was made for me but I want to change it to a new name and add a graphic to each side.
Can anyone lead me in the right direction?
I’ve been at it so long today I’ve given myself a headache!!!
Geez, I thought I was creative but I just can’t figure this thing out…HELP PLEASE!

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  1. Lori BJ
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 16:37:35

    ask rocket man (chip) i think he knows some of this stuff


  2. Gill.
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 16:42:38

    Sorry Rhonda, I had mine made for me too Im afraid lol!!! I have never tried to make my own to be honest.


  3. Cheryll
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 16:55:15

    What seems to be the problem?


  4. Rhonda
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 17:18:51

    Cheryl…help…I know you care creative. I can\’t find a program to make a nice fancy banner and when I finally do, the code doesn\’t work.


  5. angel of fire
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 17:36:58

    Rhonda I\’d be happy to help….maybe make one for you….just let me know hunxxx


  6. Carol
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 17:42:56

    I just sent you an email Rhonda.


  7. Beth
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 17:59:54

    I have no idea how to do this but it looks like lots of others do.


  8. Here I Am
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 18:01:18

    Well I manage my photos on mine thats all. But I am sure you will get lots of help.. Don\’t you hate all the time you put in trying to do it yourself or figure it out. But just think of how active you are keeping the brain by learning new things. Mine is finally starting to focus again…. Hope the sparkles are still falling around you.. Hugs Carrie


  9. Cheryll
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 18:05:02

    I use Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop to make mine. I\’m sure that doesn\’t help.


  10. Touch
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 18:56:43

    I have no idea how to do it. Yes, you heard it here, an inanimate object has kicked my butt. I came, I tried, I failed miserably! After years of inactivity my HTML skill is no longer functioning. I\’ll be in my corner if anyone wants to laugh at me.


  11. Duckie
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 19:20:02

    ROTFLing I am such a simpleton when it comes to things like this. Have you EVER seen pretty stuff in anyone\’s guestbook??


  12. Touch
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 19:24:17



  13. ☆° Lady Jude
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 19:41:48

    Would you like me to make you one. You can email me with the pictures that you want to me to use. And describe what you would like in the details. You kind of need to download special programmes to do banners and things and it\’s to hard to explain it that\’s why I offer to do it for you if you send me an email with all the pictures you have chosen. I would then send you back an HTML code for you to use. I email isblanster43a@hotmail.comHugs Jewelie


  14. Sue
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 21:04:28

    Hi RhondaIve been trying to do it for along time too, so if you find out how yo do it PLEASE tel us allTake careSue


  15. Happy
    Jul 05, 2009 @ 23:59:32

    No idea whatsoever. I am just happy that screen lights up when I push ON button. Seems there are many helpful souls offering assistance and I defer to their expertise. My help would not exactly be help.


  16. Jul 06, 2009 @ 00:46:00

    Argh, I wish I could remember the name of the program I used to make mine. As soon as I find it again, I\’ll be right on over to let you know. I think many peeps use Paint Shop Pro (PSP), but I have tried to use PSP and can\’t figure it out, but I sure do have fun trying, and trying : ) Stay happy and healthy! Hugs, Kerrie xXx


  17. Mei's
    Jul 06, 2009 @ 01:25:55

    Hi, thanks for another beautiful graphic, where did you find all this lovely graphics Rhonda? Hope you\’re keeping well! I understand your headache, I spend hours or days to do something on my laptop, in the end i make things worst. I thought I need a new laptop, two days ago everything are black even my tv screen, I\’m using my tv screen to work with my laptop, the laptop screen gone all black few weeks ago, lucky my new tv can connect to my laptop, so no point for a router now, couldn\’t afford two hubby in bed! 😉 and I don\’t want to call my grumpy brother, I thought my two years old laptop are finish! But I got it fix the next day! WOW!!! I can fix computer! hehe! I am changing my job! LOL! Have a good week Rhonda. Mei


  18. ǂ˚̴̃◦◦ÇÄTGËL åkã SK¥Å◦ᶽ˚̴̃ǂ
    Jul 06, 2009 @ 02:21:53

    Rhonda theres a zillion things you can do . The pink lips & stars i got in the background of my space i did that just on photobucket by using a sticker x4 then repeating it then in "Advanced " in your space just repeat it . Like jewelie said if you want it in a html you have to upload the piccy to photobucked if you click share it gives you the html code. With guestbook headers you only have to copy & paste it in ! Sweetie theres a free download with windows called download it youll have loads of fun. But yes paintshop pro what the ladies said is the best & the lady who said she cant work it well my friend took two years to learn it ! But paint net you can do a million things & the kaleidoscope & button effects are amazing ! look at all your friends that have commented rhonda ! Your gonna have designs coming out your ears !hehehe good luck !


  19. Angel eyes
    Jul 06, 2009 @ 04:44:25

    create i used to photograph and draw not that hmmm angel eyes


  20. Samantha
    Jul 06, 2009 @ 11:58:30

    i wish i could help but im not even sure how to add grapics that move (like the one above) or gadets for that matter. if you have any tips please send them along


  21. Rhonda
    Jul 07, 2009 @ 00:05:18

    Thank you to everyone who offered to help me. Ju (Angel of Fire) and Jewelie both volunteered to make me a banner for which I am sincerely grateful. Ju sent me one today that I have posted on my space; stop by and check it out next time you are making your rounds…she did a beautiful job!


  22. Jul 07, 2009 @ 00:35:36

    WOW! Gorgeous colours and very, very elegant. I have seen Ju\’s designs in your Guestbook and they are all beautiful and extra-ordinary!!! Soo so clever. A beautiful banner you have made Ju!!! Love it!!! Wish I could make pic\’s like you, but I have so much enjoyment viewing your designs. God\’s blessings to you all. Love, Kerrie xXX


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