That was Then; This is Now

It was two months ago when I posted a blog about going home to Virginia Beach to visit family and friends.  I posted some beautiful photos of Emma at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront with blue skies above the golden sand and ocean surf.  You can find them in my photo album called "Home Sweet Home".
That was then and this is now; Hampton Roads has been pounded by a Nor’easter this past week thanks to Hurricane Ida.  Here are a few photos of the damage the storm has caused; many of these photos are at the same location where I took beautiful photos just a few months ago.
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier 
Sandbridge Beach
Virginia Beach Oceanfront
(water is almost up to the boardwalk)
Chics Beach
Stranded Barge
Laskin Road
(1 mile from where I lived)
Landmark Restaraunt…Alexander’s on the Bay
(has stood at the end of the Lesner Bridge for two decades)
I have seen many storms at the Oceanfront over the past forty years but I don’t think I have seen a Nor’easter that has left this much damage in a very long time.  For more photos of the storm damage, here is a slideshow link:
I am thankful that, even though thousands are still without power, my family and friends are safe and sound.
What a difference a few months make…good thing I went home in September instead of November as originally planned!

Farewell to Fall

Another season is coming to a close and soon Winter will arive with the beauty of snow and Christmas magic.  There is a part of the Black River that feeds into a lake that I pass each day and have always wanted to take a photo of but it presented a challenge because it is on Route 3 which is the main road through the Village and Town.  Last week when I was driving by on my way to work, the sun was shimmering on the water and the Canadian Geese were  enjoying the water as they always do this time of year.  I decided it was "now or never" so I pulled off the road and with camera in hand walked over the bridge to take the photos I’ve been wanting to take. 
Of course, by the time I got to where I needed to be, the sun had somewhat hidden behind some clouds so the shimmer on the water that you see just does not do it justice.  It is spectacular when you see it in full sunlight but it is still a peaceful scene no matter what the weather.  I hope you enjoy them. 
I will post the remaining shots in my "Amazing Autumn" album.  I hope all is well with you and yours!
The last two photos are of the Black River Damn and where the water flows under the bridge to the other side to the start of the Black River.  The sun was shining on the water so brightly that the light almost looks like foam, but I couldn’t resist stopping to take the photos.  Hope you enjoyed the scenery!

The Haunted Palace

Another spooktaclular October has come and gone…farewell until 2010 when it will faithfully arrive again!

The Haunted Palace
by: Edgar Allen Poe

In the greenest of our valleys
By good angels tenanted,
Once a fair and stately palace–
Radiant palace–raised its head.
In the monarch Thought’s dominion
It stood there!
Never seraph spread a pinion
Over fabric half so fair!

Banners yellow, glorious, golden,
On its roof did float and flow
(This–all this–was in the olden
Time long ago),
And every gentle air that dallied
In that sweet day,
Upon the ramparts plumed and pallid,
A winged odor went away.

Wanderers in that happy valley,
Through two luminous windows, saw
Spirits moving musically
To a lute’s well-timed law.
Round about a throne where, sitting,
In state his glory well befitting,
The ruler of the realm was seen.

And all with pearl and ruby glowing
Was the fair palace-door,
Through which came, flowing, flowing, flowing,
And sparkling everymore,
A troop of Echoes, whose sweet duty
Was but to sing
In voices of surpassing beauty
The wit and wisdom of their king.

But evil things, in robes of sorrow,
Assailed the monarch’s high estate.
(Ah, let us mourn–for never morrow
Shall dawn upon him desolate!)
And round about his house of glory
That blushed and bloomed
Is but a dim-remembered story
Of the old time entombed.

And travelers, now, within that valley
Through the red-litten windows see
Vast forms that move fantastically
To a discordant melody,
While, like a ghastly, rapid river,
Through the pale door
A hideous throng rush out forever
And laugh–but smile no more.