Oh Spring Where Art Thou?

Hello my Spaces Friends!
Emma and I set out on a walk yesterday in search of Spring and thought we would share our little adventure with all of you.  Even though the calendar says it is Spring, the cool temps in the 30’s were saying someththing different.  Even so, it was a beautiful sunny day so we made the most of it.
Little Emma Bean was all bundled up and ready to brave the wind to do what she loves to do most, which is throwing stones in the little streams formed by melting snow.
The river is always beautiful no matter the season and the sound of the water flowing over the rocks is always a welcoming call.
We hiked down closer to the river and sat for as long as Emma could sit; the boulders make a nice chair and Emma was patient enough to pose for yet another photo for Mommy.
Heading home I listened when we reached the river reeds for the call of the Red Winged Black Bird, my favorite marsh bird, but it is still a little too chilly for them.  The sun provided a beautiful golden glow and a quick photo opportunity.
Before our adventure ended, we caught one last view of the river, unusually calm, and we enjoyed one last look before heading off for lunch.
Thank you for coming along on our journey and be sure to stop by and see the rest of the photos in the Spring 2010 Scenery album.
Happy Spring to one and all!


Catching up with Friends!

Hello to all of my dear friends!

It seems to get harder and harder to find the time to keep up with everyone but I hope you all know that you are always in my thoughts and I miss you all and our visits very much.

Just wanted to drop a short note to say hello and I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Fall season and that all is well with your world.  Emma has been enjoying some Halloween activities so I thought I would share a few highlights.  Last weekend she had fun at the “Boo at the Zoo” and yesterday at the “Appleumpkin Festival” at the Library.








I hope everyone is enjoying the season and having some fun!  I posted more photos in the Amazing Autumn album and a new album called “”Boo at the Zoo” where there are some nice photos of the animals.

Have a great day everyone and know you are never far from my thoughts!

Home Sweet Home

Hello my wonderful friends!
Emma and I have returned from our visit back home to Virginia Beach.  Thankfully, the return flight went much smoother than the departure.  I am so grateful to have had the chance to see my family and friends back home and, even though I had to take Emma to the Doctor on Thursday for strep throat, we managed to squeeze in a little bit of fun along the way.  Here are a few highlights of Emma’s day at the beach and I’ll post the rest of our vacation photos to an album as soon as I get them all edited.
Beach Girl                                                                            Sandy Feet
Sand and Seagulls                                                              Chillin Out

Footprints in the Sand                                                          Oops, the sand is moving!
Waves of Home
Soaring Gulls
One Lone Gull
Thank you for sharing a little piece of home with me and soaking in the ocean waves and shifting sands!

Emma’s New “Do”


The Cut…


The Curl…


The Finish…


My New Summer "Do" 

The Beauty of Spring

Yesterday was the perfect day; after 4 days of rain, we finally had a sunny day with a high of 62.  Late in the afternoon, we went to the trail to see if Spring has finally decorated the trees and river banks.  Earlier this month, the trees were just beginning to bud and there were very few signs that it was indeed Spring.  What a difference a few weeks makes; the color of the day was GREEN!

I was finally able to enjoy the new bike that I got for my birthday last year and even though it has been about 12 years since I have been on a bicycle, I managed a 7 mile bike ride and felt like a kid again.  Earl and Emma were walking and Emma took turns sitting in her wagon and pulling it; as small as she is I don’t know how she manages to pull that big wagon for miles but she does it and won’t give up.  When she learns how to ride her tricycle, she can ride along with Mommy if I can manage to ride that slow and still keep my balance.

While I was waiting for them to catch up, I went down on the rocks by the river and enjoyed the sound of the water rolling over the rocks and the birds singing with the wind blowing through the trees; I could have stayed there forever.

Here are some pictures from our adventure and I will post the rest in the Black River Trail album…come take a ride with me and enjoy the scenery.









Thanks for coming along with me and I hope everyone enjoys a beautiful Spring day like this one when all is right with the world!

Emma’s Adventures


We have had fantastic weather this week with a high of 80 on Wednesday and Thursday.

We took advantage of the beautiful days and Emma got to spend time at the Park and the Zoo.

Here are some of the highlights and I will post the remaining photos in my “Fun at the Park and Zoo” album. 

Here are a few photos from Emma’s day at the zoo on Thursday…



Hugs for the Bear


Emma’s new friend


If only I were taller…


On the run…


Time out


Off for more exploring


Emma spent the afternoon at the Park on Wednesday and had a great time.

Here are a few highlights…


How does this work?




Blowing Dandilions


Picking flowers


Perfect fit!


Thanks for coming along and sharing in the fun!

Don’t forget to look for more pictures in the album coming soon.

Happy Spring!

The Latest in Spring Fashion


Introducing the latest and greatest fashion accessory for Spring as modeled by our very own Little Miss Emma.


As you can see, this wonderful hat, though appearing to be a fur fit for Winter, is lightweight and has quickly become the new “must have” of the Spring Season.


Fabulous Darling…simply fabulous!


Emma highly recommends wearing the hat with this Spring’s lineup of strawberry covered pajamas.


This one’s mine…go get your own!


It’s just all the rage, don’t you think?

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