Sick of Being Sick

I guess it was inevitable after caring for little Emma who is on her 2nd round of antibiotics for a sinus and ear infection, a husband with a sinus infection and a mother in law with a bad cold that I would eventually fall victim to a mother’s worse nightmare…GETTING SICK!
I went to the Doctor on Thursday and had a sinus infection, start of an ear infecion in one
ear and on the verge of strep throat.  I was prescribed an antibitoic and other stuff that I can’t take due to my chronic high blood pressure but I’m not feeling much better after my third day on the antibiotic.  The Doctor was nice enough to give me a refill on it which I will have filled tomorrow if I don’t see any improvement.  I have had NO VOICE for 3 days now and that awful sinus headache and nausea is just a miserable feeling.
Emma developed a rash that we thought was an allergic reaction to the new antibiotic but the Pediatrician said it is just part of her illness…not sure about that so we are keeping an eye on it.  Poor little thing…if I feel this bad, she has to be feeling just awful.  Now, this afternoon after waking up from her nap, we’ve discovered she has pink eye too so another prescription has been called in for that.  And to think that all of this started after her first day at "Toddler Group" two weeks ago! 
Hope everyone is doing well and that you all avoid this nasty bug that is going around here in our little part of the world!
Enjoy your Sunday my friends!