A real date….could it be?

 Today was my husband’s birthday.  He has never been one to put much emphasis on such occasions, but I wanted to take him out to dinner.  Now, that doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary to most people, but when you have a baby at the age of 44 who is now 18 months, there is not much time or opportunity for such simple pleasures.  Afterall, in between changing diapers, feeding Emma who now wants to feed herself so each meal comsumes at least an hour of my day including clean up of the food that has landed on her, me and the floor, and getting through our own dinner and cleanup, I’m lucky if I get to spend 1/2 hour with him before he falls asleep in the chair with the baby.  He gets up at 5:30 to leave for work, so he is out like a light way before me.  Having a baby at our age is a shell shocker in itself, let alone the fact that we quit our jobs, sold our condo by the beach and moved 12 hours away from my family to come here and live so we could afford for me to take time off from working and stay at home with Emma…all of this within a four month period.  Let me not forget the fact that we lived with my in-laws down the street for 6 months while we were rennovating our charming little farmhnouse that is now our home.  To get to the point of my blog, words like date, romance and "you and me time" have not been part of our vocabulary for quite some time now…it is just something else to try and squeeze into the day.  So tonight my mother-in-law offered to watch Emma so we could go out to dinner, just the two of us.  I think I forgot what it felt like to hold hands and walk arm and arm through the parking lot and have an actual "adult" conversation over dinner.
Anyway, as short lived as it was, it was a glimpse of how we used to be when it was just the two of us.  It is the little things you miss the most… cuddling on the couch watching a movie, holding hands, talking about how our day went, enjoying a quiet dinner, etc. etc.  I would not have missed out on having little Emma for anything in the world as she is the sunshine in my day and words could not express how much we love her and how much joy she brings to our lives.  However, it made me realize how disconneted from each other we have become and how important it is to still make time for the two of us.  Hopefully, we can schedule in more "date nights" in the future.  By the way, he still fell asleep in the chair at 9:00, but that’s okay; it was nice while it lasted! 

A Hopeless Romantic

What Is a Kiss?
The private language between two hearts.
A dance to the stars.
An ocean of sensations.
A whisper light invitation.
The knowledge of belonging.
The mystery of timeless enchantment.
The joy of homecoming.
A tantalizing glimpse into another’s soul.
A wild, deep fall into ecstasy.
The gentle flowering of emotion.
A shared journey of discovery.
The promise of things to come.