Golden Halo


The last few nights, the moon has been spectacular, but I always have trouble getting a good picture of it.  Tonight when we were cooking some steaks on the grill, the moon appeared through the trees and it was just beautiful. 


Then when I walked out on the road to get away from the tree line, I couldn’t believe the huge halo around moon; it took my breath away.



These photos in no way give justice to just how amazing it looked in the sky…as if God had painted it just for me.


I hope everyone had at least one golden moment in their lives today.


Good Night  Moon!


North Country Sunset


The sun came out briefly late yesterday afternoon, so I headed out to see if I could snap some photos from my favorite place, Ridge Road.  There are photos taken from along the ridge in one of my photo albums, but I’ve never taken any during the Winter.  Sun is a rare occurrence in the Winter here, so I was happy to be able to capture a few photos of the sun making her glorious descent. 


I made it to the top of the ridge just in time before she hid behind the horizon.


As I headed down the ridge, the sun had set but  had still left her beautiful artwork behind for a few more brief moments.


Most of the river is frozen except where the rapids continue to keep the water flowing.



Finally, heading down the last hill, a few more photo opportunities were waiting for me.



My favorite!

I hope you enjoyed your journey taking in the last light of day and God’s masterpieces. 

November Moon


The other night there was a beautiful bright full moon so I tried to capture a few photos.  I don’t do very well with the night shots but a few came out that were very unique.

Although the moon was full, there were thin clouds passing over it at times.  At one point, the clouds passed over in a way that made the moon look like a heart so I snapped that one.  Another one that was particularly nice was when the moon looked like it was casting out beautiful white rays of light. 

I’m no photographer by any means, but did think these two photos were lucky shots.


Heart Shaped Moon


White rays of light


Have a great night everyone!


A Peaceful End to a Busy Day

Hello Friends:
Today was busy as expected.  Cathy and I ran (drove actually) most of the day.  She was so sweet and bought Emma toys and other goodies like any good Aunt would do.  She truly is a special person and a blessing to me.  After we got home, she took Emma down to her house (she bought the homestead, her grandparents house) when they passed away.  The house is very old and she has tried to keep it as she remembers it so it is like going back in time.  The back yard is huge, about 10 acres I believe and backs up to the woods.  Emma had a ball picking apples off the tree and putting them in a barrell and running around to her hearts’ content.  While they were gone, I had a chance to sit on the front porch and relax which is something I don’t get to do often.  It was a beautiful evening and I watched the sky turn to dusk and then to twilight and then to evening as the moon began to rise above the trees.  Before long, it was nightfall and the moon was beautiful against the night sky.  It is amazing the beauty you can capture sitting on your own front porch.  I had the camera with me so I took some pictures to capture natures way of saying good night to our little part of the world.
Emma was tuckered out after all that fresh air and playing.  She ate her dinner and then drifted off to peaceful sleep.  A great day and special evening to remember the beauty around us.  It was nice to have the rare moments to slow down for a change and live in the moment!